Do you have Good Hair?

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When the infamous movie came out,  a lot of people had a lot to say.  Some good and some bad.   I saw  it and was glad that I had made the decision to go natural.  Here is what the good people at had to say..

Sisterlock answer to “Good Hair

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Why am I Here?

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Hello everyone in the world!

I am so pleased to be here talking (so to speak) to you now!  I chose to blog about my hair care woes and the transformation that I have coming.

I am leaving the world of processed hair and returning to my Nappy Roots! 

Yep, I sure am!

I have struggled for the last time with relaxer, hot combs, flat irons, wet sets, wraps and any other style that takes so much of my precious time, wracked my nerves and never gave me the results that I dreamed about as a little girl waltzing around the living room wearing a towel for hair.

I am moving on to the natural world and installing Sisterlocks in the near future.  I will post for you my pics and let you know just how it goes so that you can share my joy.

Stay tuned and I will get back to you soon!

I had my Consultation!

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I spent 5 hours Friday night and 2 hours Saturday taking down my box braids.  My arms still ache.  My intention had been to have my hair braided again to take me to the last leg of my journey to Sisterlocks.  Why? Because I was afraid to wear my natural hair.

Let’s face it–my hair is cottony and shrinks to a tight, brillo-ey pattern at the first hint of moisture.  I would not be able to heat style my hair before the installation so I thought  I would hide under braids.  That was until I spent precious hours taking them out and dreaded having to do it again in a short amount of time–About 3 weeks!

So I washed my hair, colored the gray and got out the strong blow dryer.  Of course it was a rainy day, and windy so my nice little bob did not stay nice for long.  My hair started to shrink as soon as I left the house, but I was determined to go on.  On to my consultation!

I met with my certified Sisterlocks consultant, Ashlee at Locks4life in Oak Park, Michigan.  The shop was sunny and bright and filled with people with locs in all stages of growth.  There was even a little girl with Sisterlocks to her shoulders, whose mother locked her hair at 2 years old.

Ashlee looked at my hair, explained the process and installed 2 starter locs behind my right ear.  Now, I have had my hair braided many times, most times amidst pain (I am tender-headed).  I expected  much of the same.  But there was no pain.  She was done before I knew it!  Everyday I admire these little locs and am amazed.  Since my consultation, we have had a lot of rain and midst.  My hair has shrunk to a new level of tightness.  But my little starter locs have not changed in shape, exept to curl a little.  This is really promising to me.

Well, I have set my date for installation for April 9.  I have to wait a little because the cost is more than I can shell out just that soon.  But I am going forward and cannot wait for day.

I will post pics soon of the before, the during and the after so you can come along with me.