I am 5 months old…well sorta!

My lovely locks are 5 months and 11 days old and I could not be happier. Every day I see changes that I am getting closer to the big “C”(as in color).

Let me explain.  Because my locks were very young, and I had a lot of permed ends, there was a greater chance of slippage (unraveling) for me.  So I have been babying my locks.  You know; wearing a rag to bed so the pillow case would not pull my hair and braiding and banding my hair when it was shampoo time.

At my last re-tightening, I was freed from the do-rag and not a moment too soon.  The heat at night was brutal and every morning I would have a version of hat head.  Now I just get up, separate my locks and go.  They feel firmer and less like braids.  Most are doing fine except for a few “bad children” in the back.  I have a little slippage there, which I cannot understand.  This section of hair is virgin and un-touched and I thought it would have locked there with a quickness; even faster than the strands that have permed ends.  My loctician was a little surprised, but she fixed me right up so that I can last until the next visit.

I have grown a lot and want to let you see my progress… here I am!



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