Redeeming the Time

Prior to my freedom date, 04/13/10, I would spend at least 30 minutes  in the morning coaxing my hair into a style.  If I had a fresh relaxer, then all that I would do is unwrap the scarf and admire the stylists handiwork and smile with satisfaction.  This lasted about 5-7 days–until I had to wash my hair. 

I had to wash my hair so soon after the relaxer because I would have terminal dandruff from the products .  The flaking would be so bad that I would not be able to wear any dark colors .  So once I ran out of beige clothes, I would need to shampoo my hair.  I never could get the same effect as the stylist so, in the morning after the wash I would comb, curl, comb again, position with my fingers, comb some more and finally I would resolve that I was never going to be totally happy with the result and got on with my day. 

30 minutes to get a result that to me was “just ok”.  Not bad, but not what the picture on the relaxer box promised.  No body, no movement, just lax, lank hair that needed care and feeding throughout the day. 

The reason why is that to straighten my hair texture, you would need to relax it within an inch of its life.  You know, sitting perched on the edge of the style chair, anxiously waiting for the stylist to say, “Come to the bowl”, so that you could sprint to the shampoo bowl and end the torture of the lye burning your scalp.  Then when it was all said and done, you had a great style that lasted until the next day, when you had to take over. 

My education did not include advanced cosmetology, so my efforts were amateur–and time-consuming.

But…04/13/10 changed this.  I got some of my time back.  Even though I am still babying my starter locs, my only hair implements are my fingers and the shake of my head.  My morning hair care routine takes about 45 seconds and always leaves me smiling.  That leaves about 29 minutes and 15 seconds surplus.

At first, I slept in a little longer.  That was good because with a child, work, school and life you can get a little sleep deprived.  This week though, I have been putting this extra thirty to good use…  This time lets me-

  • Pack my lunch in the morning
  • Have a good cup of tea and watch the sun come up
  • Play with and make pur with the cat 
  • Have breakfast with my son
  • Exercise

 That last one is the greatest thing.  I used to have to plan to exercise when I came home, because I did not have the time to workout, shower and style before rushing off to work.  I really needed to make the effort, because the stress in my days, and the creek in my knees told me that a little treadmill time would be good.  But when!  How!

Well, now that my hair is no trouble, I have awarded that extra 30 minutes to working out.  Nothing big and over the top; I am too out of shape to go at it with that much vengeance.  But 20 minutes on the treadmill, the stationary bike, or moving along with exercise TV has transformed my days.

I look forward to jumping out of bed, donning my workout gear and heading for the family room to get my sweat on. It really sets the tone for my day, and even though it is a little soon to see the results in my body, I feel better and more alive. 

Thanks you hair! Thank you me, for making the decision to reclaim my natural self.  This time to exercise is a great side benefit and I know that the goodies will just keep on coming.


One Response to “Redeeming the Time”

  1. Greetings.

    It is so amazing to reclaim nature and have the time to enjoy it. Continue to indulge your natural spirit. Have a treasure – filled day, today and always. KK

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